Whether it’s making men look super cool or protecting them from harmful UV rays, sunglasses are a must-have accessory every man must own.

Sunglasses give a super cool look to men and also protect them from harmful UV rays. It doesn’t matter whether you are fashion savvy or not, because sunglasses are an accessory that you must own. Trust us when we say no matter how many pairs you have, they are never enough.

Below are some very affordable and stylish sunglasses for men:

1. Fastrack Men’s Square Sunglasses


Fastrack’s state-of-the-art square-frame sunglasses will give you 100% UV protection. It has a plastic frame and comes with a polycarbonate lens. Available in both black and gray colors, it promises to support manufacturing defects for up to a year.

2. ELEGANTE square sunglasses for men


This pair of square sunglasses from Elegante is both affordable and durable. It is lightweight and suitable for men with small and medium faces. It can additionally take the style quotient of men who have trendy and stylish beards. It has smooth leg covers which means it is very comfortable to wear as it will not hurt the ear at all. Plus, you don’t have to worry about being in the sun, as they will give you full protection from harmful UV rays.

3. Unisex Nubilous HD Vision Day and Night HD Vision Glasses


This pack of two sunglasses to wear, in Italian design, is available in black and yellow frames. and simply timeless. The 100% polarized glasses are anti-glare and help reduce eye strain. It has an anti-reflective coating for the glasses and offers 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays. Yellow night vision sunglasses let you see with amazing clarity even in low light. With increasing screen time, these sunglasses help block 80% of harmful blue rays and UV400s. It also offers peripheral protection by blocking light in all directions. Created from a premium plastic, it is resistant to scratches, breakage and bends.

4.Fastrack UV Protected Men’s Square Sunglasses


This pair of sunglasses from Fastrack is equipped with a green polycarbonate lens. The frame is made of premium plastic. It offers complete protection against UV rays and is very affordable.

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