Aurangabad, September 15:

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI, Aurangabad Circle) recently started digging an elevated platform located in front of Bibi ka Maqbara.

The supervising archaeologist (SA), Dr Milan Kumar Chauley, confirmed the action saying that the then SA circle (during his tenure from 2005 to 2009) submitted a proposal for excavations in the hope of finding ancient remains under the high raised platform. The circle office maintained correspondence with our head office and after obtaining permission, excavation work began. We would conserve the remains recovered during the task and then protect the site by building a perimeter wall.

“The office was unable to develop the outskirts for many reasons, including encroachments. After removing the encroachments, we requested permission to provide user-friendly facilities, such as the development of a dedicated parking lot. The quote has been approved, ”said Chauley.

Meanwhile, the excavation work attracts visitors as well as residents staying in the neighborhood. They rush to attend the work in progress. The excavation was started after marking the site. Work was halted on Wednesday, but ASI staff were preventing people from visiting the site and taking pictures.

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