Patna: The Patna High Court on Monday ordered the Chief Secretary to convene an urgent meeting with all stakeholders including the railways to ensure the removal of all obstructions in the way of the Danapur-elevated corridor project Bihta.
A divisional bench of Chief Justice Sanjay Karol and Justice S Kumar, while hearing a lot of PIL to oversee the construction or expansion of NHs in the state, ordered the Chief Secretary to submit a workable solution regarding the Danapur-Bihta elevated corridor to court next week.
National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) lawyer Iti Suman has submitted an affidavit alleging obstructions by the railways in any construction for safety reasons on the outskirts of five meters from the boundary line of his project including the conversion of Danapur Railway Station into a railway terminus, involving widened tracks and platforms and the expansion of the Danapur Railway Division Head Office. NHAI’s attorney further stated that the railways requested the realignment of the elevated corridor project. NHAI experts have also expressed concern that any realignment of the elevated road corridor could make it vulnerable to accidents and therefore can only continue in the current alignment.
PK Shahi, appointed amicus curiae in the PILs regarding NH issues, argued that the future of Patna Township is vitally dependent on this project which will be linked to the upcoming Bihta Airport and all ongoing educational institutions establishment in Bihta. The court then ordered to involve the railways as a necessary party in this PIL and asked the railways lawyer Siddharth Prasad to provide maximum assistance to ensure positive coordination with the NHAI.
The elevated road project with an estimate of around Rs2300 crore was sanctioned in June 2020, in which the state government is to fund Rs430 crore and the remaining cost is to be borne by NHAI. This case will be heard again next week when the chief secretary provides an affidavit regarding the positive solution to the problem.