Letters to the Editor

THE good start of Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa in the campaign for the March 26 by-elections following the recall of several MPs and councilors by MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora is commendable.

It was never going to be easy, especially in rural constituencies that were seen as Zanu PF strongholds.

What happened in Gokwe, Kwekwe and Bulawayo last Sunday was simply superb.

The rallies were well attended and very organized, which shows that the CCC’s campaign machinery is well oiled, prepared and ready to deliver in the upcoming elections.

I sincerely hope the party maintains that purple stain as the country enters the home stretch for the 2023 elections.

My advice to Chamisa is that they should exercise restraint and avoid confrontation with Zanu PF even after provocation.

That rowdy Zanu PF youths disrupted a CCC rally in Kwekwe, which resulted in the death of one supporter and others injured, is proof that the party destabilized the powers that be.

The idea is to provoke Chamisa into reacting and getting the state security agents to heavily attack him and the other party leaders.

It is important for Chamisa to move forward with party platforms with like-minded party members and let those who sit on the fence decide.

Sooner or later, those who resist Chamisa’s leadership will realize that they don’t have many supporters and join him. Chief Chiduku

End of the status quo

AFTER the Roman senate declared Emperor Nero an enemy of the state and sentenced him to death for his abuse of power, the emperor did not wait to be humiliated in public, he instead committed suicide .

What followed was a power struggle of provincial governors (military generals), who were backed by their soldiers to usurp the highly regarded office.

Within nine months, the Roman Empire was ruled by three emperors, one lasted two months, another three months, and the last four months.

All lacked substance to unite the empire. Some failed to restore economic stability and law and order to the empire.

I was just remembering these historical events and saw fit to bring the issue before the nation of Zimbabwe.

At this very moment we find ourselves in a political quagmire, this army-backed government will suffer setbacks from the base of the army and they will get rid of the upper hierarchy, who are desperate to maintain the status quo. It is a fact that the old is dying and the new is born.

Zimbabwe will rise again.

It will become the granary of southern Africa as it once was.

I believe! -Sakala

Africa should embrace PPPs

AFRICA was once considered a hopeless continent. With some of the fastest growing economies in the world, Africa has become the new destination for emerging markets.

What are the investment opportunities in Africa? Over the past decades, Africa has explored great depths for its boom in economic growth and investment opportunities.

Although Africa offers excellent returns compared to most emerging economies, it cannot be considered an isolated performer. The continent is home to 54 distinct economies that face challenges and opportunities unique to their economic activities and operating environments – the two most crucial ingredients for investment.

These economies have continued to support their nations and the world at large with natural resources, skills and labor, but what are some of the untapped investment opportunities in Africa?

The continent is incredibly rich in natural resources. It has huge untapped reserves of natural gas and oil (10% of world reserves) and largely untapped hydroelectric power.

It is home to vast reserves of gold, platinum, uranium, iron ore, copper and diamonds.

Currently, only 10% of Africa’s arable land is cultivated, although it accounts for about 60% of the world’s arable land.

Thus, Africa has become a pole of attraction for foreign direct investment. The continent has a global comparative advantage in agriculture, home to more than half of the world’s agricultural and highly unused land, natural resources and its vast water resources have barely been tapped.

Around 60% of the world’s uncultivated land is in Africa, yet the continent is only responsible for 10% of global agricultural production.

Agriculture, as an untapped investment opportunity, is expected to be a major growth engine over the next few years, overtaking mining and metals.

Southeast Asia has become uncompetitive and expensive to do agribusiness; it is time for Africa to seize this opportunity.

The way forward for Africa is to adopt the 3P or P3 consensus. A public-private partnership (PPP, 3P or P3) is a cooperation agreement between two or more public and private sectors, usually on a long-term basis.

However, the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century have seen a clear trend of governments across the world to make greater use of various PPP arrangements.. –Villagers of Buhera

In response to Mwonzora recalls the mayor of Karibaadvisers, JON RUSSELL says: MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora holds the world record for a party chairman who recalled subordinates. Callbacks are out of frustration and nothing else. It’s a way to fix those who disagree with him. But boosters don’t fix roads or provide drinking water in cities.

ZEB RONALD CHIMOMBE said: He will actually be stepping down from the political rostrum very soon. The truth is, he’s realized that the people he thought were his followers aren’t, and that’s hard to swallow. The yellow tsunami sweeps all around Mwonzora and his masters at Zanu PF Headquarters. Now they are all desperate, they don’t know how to stop the leader of the CCC, Nelson Chamisa, who they thought had destroyed. The young man is on his feet again and more powerful than they ever imagined.

FREEDOM SHHWETA says: Mwonzora takes people for granted, instead of fixing his party he is busy depriving the citizens of their representatives.

In response to Chiwenga rebukes opposition-led BCC, JOSEPH TONDONDO said: As I do not support corruption, it is very discouraging to hear this coming from a senior Zanu PF official such as Vice President Constantino Chiwenga. The party has harmed the nation US$15 billion in diamond revenue. The Zanu PF government has also disadvantaged the nation by siphoning off billions of dollars through the managed agriculture program.

MARVEL PHILIMON MAHLANGU says: Does Vice President Constantino Chiwenga have evidence of alleged mismanagement of funds or concrete evidence showing money laundering for Bulawayo city development. It’s cheap politics.

NJABULO NDEBELE said: What about the Zanu PF government that overthrew the country? This is a kettle calling the black pot.

SIBANGANI NCUBE said: Where is the Ministry of Local Government in all this? In other words, Chiwenga accuses local government minister July Moyo of sweeping the rotten Bulawayo City Council under the rug. Don’t they say that a fish rots from the head?