Dillon / Jones.- After the Packers’ first two offensive series, I felt Dillon was the best choice to face the Rams Front 7. additional meters. This theory held true for most of the game.

Crosby – Rightly or wrongly, the Packers will live or die with Mason the rest of the way. At this point, I don’t think it was the operation anymore, as it looked pretty clean on Sunday. Maybe getting away from it all for a week will help clear his head. Hopefully.

Not much to do – I wonder if there will be any layoffs in the Rams tracing service. They only have a third, fifth and seventh round pick next season (until they make more trades if they keep losing). In 2023, they currently have a second, a third, a fifth, two sixths and a seventh. One of the sixth round picks was the Packers’ for Bojo.

Turnover – For the second week in a row, I sensed that turnover would be needed to lead the Packers hospital ward to victory. The fact that they didn’t convert a single chance against the Vikings is still killing me.

OBJ – A good shot on his TD take, but an even better game design. They made Amos bite down on a side road and he should have been Douglas helping in what looked like a quarterback blanket. Douglas almost recovered in time, narrowly missing the ball knockdown by a few inches.

Yosh – I’ve said before that I have enough confidence in Yosh to play the left tackle and move Jenkins inside. He played very well on Sunday against some top riders, justifying my confidence in him. I knew the Packers wouldn’t make such a move, but if they had, Jenkins would probably still be playing (polluted state of mind alert.) Oh, and the Packers are 4. -0 with Yosh on the left tackle. Said Nathaniel Hackett, “One of the most athletic tall human beings I have ever seen.”

Refs – This crew definitely let them play – even though the Packers spent the entire game complaining about the lack of sustain or PI calls on the Rams’ DBs, I much prefer what the Hochuli crew do.

Are you going for two? Not sure I understood this decision. Kick an extra point and that would have been a 12 point lead in the fourth quarter (two TDs needed) instead of 11 (FG and one TD).

Rams – So selling and signing / trading for big name players doesn’t guarantee anything? Good to know.

Third down 3 minutes remaining – Why pass the ball? Run the bullet, kill more clock. Especially if you’re just going to try a placement on the fourth down anyway. The Rams would not have had enough time to score AND attempt a kick out.

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