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The parties to the dispute over the new residential development on the Chateau de Clonmel property in Port Dover have reached an agreement on the way forward.

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Clonmel owner Lynnee Steffler said she plans to build a single residential building immediately west of Clonmel Castle, which will include 12, 1,000-square-foot, two-story condominiums. The new building includes an underground car park.

The building will be roughly the same size as Clonmel Castle and will have the same exterior features.

“It’s going to be beautiful and everyone can relax,” Steffler said. “We have found something that will work for everyone. “

Steffler has wanted to redevelop the Clonmel property since buying it five years ago.

The plan she spoke about on September 23 was her original vision for the estate. She says planning consultants convinced her to try something more ambitious and that was the request made to Norfolk council.

The four-building, 36-unit townhouse proposal his team put forward met with considerable opposition in the north end of Port Dover and little support around the council table in Governor Simcoe Square.

Steffler appealed the denial to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal – later renamed the Ontario Land Tribunal – in April 2019. A mediator was appointed and all parties to the dispute found the current resolution.

Word of a deal was shared with Norfolk Council on September 22. In the interest of transparency, council granted county attorney Paula Boutis permission to release the nine-page minutes.

The original 36-unit proposal was the subject of two well-attended town halls in Governor Simcoe Square before council refused to approve it.

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At the last meeting in March 2019, several residents of the Prospect Street and Tisdale Road area complained that the sprawling estate – considered by some to be the prettiest house in Norfolk County – had become the scene of frequent social gatherings disruptive. A clause in the minutes of settlement expressly prohibits “special business events”. The minutes also call for buffer sections of the outskirts of Clonmel with tall shrubs and the like.

In addition to the 12 condominium apartments in the new building, Steffler is renovating six apartments in Clonmel Castle itself. Steffler says he has invested $ 500,000 over the past few months to modernize the electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems throughout the house, which was built almost 100 years ago.

Steffler says his goal is to transform the Clonmel Estate into an upscale residential neighborhood for empty nesters and active seniors.

In a report to Norfolk council, Boutis said the Ontario Land Court had reserved October 15 for a final hearing via video conference. The minutes of settlement will be presented at that time. If approved, Steffler will work with the Norfolk Planning Department on the development of the site plan and a plan for its execution.

The minutes of settlement note that there is a moratorium on major new developments at Port Dover due to concerns over water supply capacity. The minutes indicate that this issue will need to be resolved before Steffler can continue.

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