Everton set to end Blues day on another pitch

Paul Rideout celebrates scoring the game-winning goal for Everton at Chelsea on Saturday 26 November 1994

After their first win at Anfield in over 21 years, Everton will now be poised to end another long-lasting drought.

Given that Highbury no longer exists – the Blues last triumphed there in 1996 – the only Premier League pitch where Everton had a longer winless streak than Anfield before last month’s 2-0 victory against Liverpool, is Stamford Bridge.

The Blues have to go back to Joe Royle’s first away game in November 1994 since they last collected three points at Chelsea.

An article in Prince Rupert Tower States:

On Monday, Everton travel to Chelsea where they haven’t won a league game since 1994. Can the Toffees continue their recent triumph at Anfield and end an even more arid race at Stamford Bridge?

This season has seen Everton seemingly overcome their away troubles and the Blues have taken nine overall wins and maximum points in seven of their last eight games away from Goodison Park.

The highlight of this great race was of course this fine derby victory at Anfield two weeks ago, which ended 22 years of waiting for the former enemy’s home win.

Now Everton are moving to a stadium where it has been even longer since they tasted success. It was in November 1994 when the Toffees won a 1-0 victory at Stamford Bridge thanks to a goal from Paul Rideout.

In one of those strange coincidences, Monday’s game will also be exactly one year to the day since the Blues suffered one of their worst defeats under Carlo Ancelotti, a 4-0 shutout at Bridge that took ended the honeymoon period after The Rendezvous of Italian.

Thankfully, given Everton’s horror that day, the season was put on hold a few days after that game and the Toffees didn’t play again until later in the summer.

During the twelve months which followed this defeat, the Blues made significant progress. They’ve gone from a struggling squad that lacked confidence and direction when Ancelotti took over at Goodison Park, to a squad that appear to have growing self-confidence and resilience, though there were still some inexplicably poor performance along the way.

This game is not only important for these historical reasons or for the fact that Ancelotti will surely want to win at his previous Premier League employers, but also of course because the two teams are neck and neck in the race for the top four. .

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