Far cry 6 has a number of side missions to take on called Yaran Stories. One of those Yaran stories is called Paint the Town, which tasks you with finding and degrading 12 statues across Esperanza. Completing this side mission will allow you to recruit Zenia as a Bandido Leader, but finding all of their locations can be a real pain.

Much like missions that require you to destroy a number of billboards in an area, for example, Paint the Town does not tell you where to find the statues in Esperanza. They are not marked on your map, and although a quest marker shows the location of each monument, it only appears once you get within about 30 yards of them.

Considering that Esperanza is completely crawling with soldiers and elites, getting around by car is difficult at best, and running around to find these effigies can take years. This guide shows you exactly where the locations of the statues are. We’re going to start from the outside and work our way inward.

Statue 1

The first statue can be found just southeast of the Mercurio Mecanico guerrilla hideout, in the middle of the roundabout on the main road entering Esperanza from El Presidente Square.

Statue 2

Continue east along the main road (on the outskirts of Esperanza), towards Santa Leticia Square. As you do, you will quickly pass two main roads to the right. Continue past them and stop at the third main road on the right (there are about 300 meters between the first two roads and this third).

There will be a small square near the intersection with a blue, green and yellow building. The statue will be in front of this building on the small square.

Statue 3

The next statue can be found along the same road directly in Santa Leticia Square. The location is about 465 yards from the second, and it’s right behind a Gran Premio race marker.

Statue 4

Continue on the same road to Iselda Park, just after the restricted area on the road. The square is about 360 meters from the last Santa Leticia square. This monument is in the middle of the park and is hard to miss. Beware of the guardian and the dog in this area.

Statue 5

This one is on the north / northeast side of Esperanza, near the stone pier / blockade just northeast of the Paraiso Coast Square. It is also set back from the main road that circles the outskirts of Esperanza, opposite a petrol station.

Statue 6

Cross the bridge near the previous monument and continue on this same road for about 370 meters. You will cross another restricted area on the road and eventually see a small triangular grassy area with red rose bushes just in front of you past the restricted area checkpoint. The statue will be in the middle.

Statue 7

Continue on this same road for about 600 meters. You head to a small area of ​​monuments with orange flowering trees on the west side of Hotel Paraiso. The statue is on the left side of the main road if you are facing south / southwest.

Statue 8

Now head south about 525 yards. Exit the main road east to the street perpendicular to it. Continue until you reach a small concrete monument area near a red zone blockade gate E1.

This area is about 150 meters west of the Mercurio Mecanico guerrilla lair, as another point of reference.

Statue 9

Follow the same road east, pass the Mercurio Mecanico hideout. Take the first road on the left (north) after the hideout and pass the E1 checkpoint. Follow the road and pass the next checkpoint. You will be in a large open space. Go to the far end and turn right to find the monument with an alarm.

Statue 10

Now go quickly to Santa Leticia Square and head northwest to Los Reyes Square. The statue stands on the right side of the square, guarded by several soldiers and at least one elite with a dog.

Statue 11

Continue to follow the alleys north of Los Reyes Plaza to Cartagena Park. The statue is in the middle of the park and hard to miss. However, there are a lot of enemies in the path which make this one of the more difficult monuments to degrade.

Statue 12

Again, follow the alleys north to Palmera Promenade. The statue is just east of the marker in front of the Zona E3 gate and barricade.

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You now know where to find all the statues and their locations during the Paint the Town side quest in Far cry 6. Completing this Yaran Story will allow you to recruit Zenia as Bandido Leader, granting you access to more Bandido Operations and more Pesos and crafting materials. For more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs, check out the links above or head to our more comprehensive collection of guides.

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