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Gabby Petito update: Search warrant document reveals ‘strange text’ and tensions for days before disappearance
According to the state, one of the last messages Gabby Petit’s family believed to have received from her was in the form of a “strange text” sent in late August when relatives began to worry for her well- to be. .. to look for to guarantee Out Monday.

Gabriel Petit, 22, texted his mother Nicole Schmidt on August 27, saying, “Can you help Stan? I will continue to receive his voicemail and missed calls. The submitted search warrant is indicated. County Circuit Court appeared on Friday and was released on Monday.

According to the document, the reference to “Stan” was to her grandfather, but according to her mother, she does not call him “Stan”. The mother feared that her daughter had something wrong. “

This text was one of 12 reasons why local law enforcement said there was a possible reason to execute a home search warrant. Brian Laundry, Petito’s fiancé and his parents in North Port, Florida.

NOT. Federal Bureau of Investigation He attacked the house Monday morning in collaboration with local law enforcement. A spokesperson for the FBI’s Tampa Field office told Fox News their search warrants are still sealed.

A local law enforcement officer has requested permission to search for a black Western Digital external hard drive, and the document says it was received. Click here for more information on the best stories..

Other developments:
-The neighbor of the laundromat tells us the last time he saw Gabby alive.
-A vigilant red flag found in Gabby Petit’s body camera footage: Psychologist.
-Gabby Petit: The autopsy of a body found in Wyoming is expected to be completed on Tuesday.
–Gabby Petito: Timeline of a missing woman’s cross-country journey.
-Gabby Petit Investigation: A 911 call revealed Brian Laundry “slapped” her before she was beaten and disappeared.

MSNBC’s Ruhledings Kamala Harris at the border: “She was supposed to be in charge”
MSNBC presenter Stephanie Ruhle criticizes the VP Kamala harris Monday due to no action in progress Southern border crisis..

Amazing images of thousands of migrants camping under the international bridge Del Río, Texas Over the weekend, it was confirmed that the border situation remains chaotic. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has determined the situation to be very serious. Demand President Joe Biden for the federal state of emergency said there were nearly 16,000 immigrants in Del Rio on Saturday.

In a letter to the president, Abbott said: “Thousands of families are multiplying as they wait to be treated by about 64 federal agencies in the region, or 100 degrees. I’m stuck in the heat. “People camp in the filth and bathe in the muddy water of the river, causing serious health problems. “

Biden Appointment Harris and her critics as dignitaries in the March issue wonder what she is doing to stop the influx of immigrants that has overwhelmed customs and border security officials.

“What about the vice president’s message? »Rule requested Monday. “Where is she? She was supposed to be in charge of all these migration issues and went to a country in the northern triangle, apparently not Haiti.

Roule reminded viewers that when he traveled to Guatemala to lead diplomatic support for the crisis, Harris told immigrants quite bluntly, “Don’t come.”

But “people haven’t heard,” Roule said. Click here for more information.

Other developments:
-The political fire surrounding Millie’s phone call with China was ignored on Sunday’s broadcasts on CBS, NBC and CNN.
-Tucker Carlson: The military mission of the COVID vaccine is tantamount to seizing power.
– Intense news has died down: CNN reports dinosaur “foreplay” nearly six years after Forbes.
-NBC, CNN’s Sunday show only spends seconds on a failed Afghan drone strike after ignoring last week’s mistake.
-Lemon Balks from CNN because Cuomo calls Ocasio Cortez the “Poser” of the Met Gala sartorial stunts.

St. Louis couple shooting guns at Black Lives Matter protesters could face suspension of their legal license
Saint-Louis couple captured with guns Black lives matter Protesters faced yet another court battle outside a closed mansion last year after Missouri’s supreme disciplinary attorney asked the state Supreme Court to suspend his legal license.

Mark McCloskey and his wife, PatriciaThe two personal injury attorneys, recognized as Missouri attorneys in 1986, pleaded guilty in the viral case. forgiveness By Republican Governor Mike Parson in July.

Patricia McCloskey was fined $ 2,000 for harassment. Mark McCroskey was convicted of four minor assaults for threatening passers-by with an AR-15 rifle and was fined $ 750. They had not lost their legal license at the time.

Last week, Alan Pratzell, director of discipline at the state Supreme Court, requested the suspension of the legal licenses of Mark and Patricia McCloskey.

In a court document, he cited another Missouri case in which a lawyer was sanctioned for a felony. He said their forgiveness did not affect his requests.

“In Missouri, amnesty erases a person’s conviction, but a person’s sin remains,” read a court document filed in seven courts. Click here for more information.

Other developments:
-Chief says a veteran Houston police officer was killed while issuing a drug warrant and was wounded a second time.
– Chicago Mayor Lightfoot’s $ 16 billion budget includes increased police spending amid an increase in gun violence.
-The Chicago weekend violence includes 56 gunshot victims, nine murders and a city councilor attacked in the “corner in question.”
PA’s baby shower debate over gifts, police said, urged fathers to fire and injured three.
-Black Lives Matter protests against “Carmine Cancellation” in New York.

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To read today:
-Canadians re-elect Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party.
-Barry Morphew was released from a Colorado jail with his two daughters.
-Texas border guards found a hotel room full of illegal people suspected of human trafficking.
-Aaron Rodgers silences suspicion with four touchdown performances against the Lions.
-When bullets run hard at students, the school horror ignites.
-The Republican Party supports the National Defense Authorization Act, which requires women to register to write.

The latest information on FOX BUSINESS:
-Elon Musk ridicules Biden after SpaceX completes its first all-civilian flight.
-Pekin is unlikely to save Evergrande, report says.
-Biden managers blamed more travel restrictions that crippled the state’s economy.
-Trump’s World Trade Sanctions of Decimated Iranian Administration: Report.
-America’s next hot import could be record energy prices.
-Yellen warns that failure to raise debt ceilings could cause “economic catastrophe.”

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A few words of farewell

Sean hanity Holidays criticized on Mondays President Joe Biden Thousands of illegal immigrants continue to congregate under the Akuna International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas, and the government is trying to impose a full vaccination requirement on U.S. citizens.

“Biden’s border crisis is worse than ever. Seven months after its start, eight months after President Trump’s border protection was almost entirely lifted, ”the host said.Hannity. “ “he [Biden] I said nothing [about the crisis] Then I rode my bike… Maybe Joe, your time should have been spent bringing the abandoned Americans back to their homes and securing the border. “

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Gabby Petito: Search warrant documents reveal ‘strange text’, tensions in days leading up to disappearance

Source link Gabby Petito: Search warrant documents reveal “strange text”, tensions in days leading up to disappearance

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