Former Goldman Sachs executive Michael Daffey bought a New York mansion for $ 51 million that was once owned by deceased sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein.

The purchase was made last month, according to a CNBC report.

“Mr. Daffey had never been in the house or met its owner, but he is a firm believer in the future of New York and will take the other side of anyone who says the best days in town can be in the past ”, Daffey spokesperson Stu Loeser said in a statement to CNBC.

Prior to retiring, Daffey was president of the Global Markets division of Goldman Sachs. According to Loeser, Daffey paid off the property with a combination of cash and a bridging loan. Epstein’s Palm Beach, Florida property was also sold on Monday for $ 18.5 million, CNBC noted.

CNBC reports that the sale of the property generated income for Epstein’s estate that will help launch a fund to pay self-identified victims of Epstein’s sexual abuse, many of whom were minors when they met Epstein for the first time. According to CNBC, around $ 10 million from the sale of the property will go to the Epstein Victims Compensation Fund, which has already paid out around $ 65 million according to the fund administrator.

Compensation for victims had been suspended, CNBC notes, because the estate lacked cash. However, payments reportedly resumed last week shortly after the Manhattan home was sold.

the sale of Epstein’s townhouse was first reported by the Wall Street Journal in early March. The seven-story, 28,000-square-foot property was commissioned to be built in the 1930s by Herbert N. Straus, who was then the heir to the owners of retailers RH Macy & Co.

Epstein reportedly paid $ 20 million for the property in 1998, which would have the same purchasing power as roughly $ 32.5 million in 2021. The property was initially listed at $ 88 million.

Last week it was reported that British socialite and Epstein’s confidante Ghislaine Maxwell was sell your house in London in order to pay his legal fees. Maxwell was arrested in July last year and is currently being held without bail as she is considered a flight risk.

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