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How is the vaccination campaign going in India? : – Covaxin and Covishield are the Indian coronavirus vaccines that sparked the country’s vaccination campaign. Russians Sputnik V and Moderna quickly gained Emergency Use Clearance (EUA) in the country and now Johnson and Johnson have joined the list. With the approval of several foreign vaccines, the vaccination campaign in India has received the necessary impetus. Johnson and Johnson are said to be highly effective and can prevent hospitalization and death in those infected. Indian drug regulations, DCGI, have allowed Cipla to import Moderna into India. According to the data, 50.86 crore vaccines are administered in the country to date.

50 lakh vaccine doses are given on Saturday and the number fell on Sunday as most vaccination centers were closed. The new daily tally of reported cases in India is close to 40,000. Almost 30 crore of beneficiaries have received the two doses of the coronavirus. Production is now high and there are sufficient doses of coronavirus vaccines available on the market. The total number of vaccine doses provided to states and union territories by the Indian government is reportedly 52.37 crore and over 2.42 crore doses are available with states and union territories. Johnson and Johnson is expected to be available in the Indian market from September.

The government plans to get 3-5 crore in doses from Johnson and Johnson each month. Approximately 44.42 crore of Covishield doses are being provided so far from January to August of this year. Doses of 6.82 crore of Covaxin are being provided this year and are offered to the Indian government. The Indian government expects 135 crore doses of coronavirus vaccine between August and December of this year.

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