NAVI MUMBAI: A senior Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) official raised a serious environmental issue with the MIDC over the shocking destruction of 26 healthy green trees on a piece of land in Pawane that had previously been awarded to the industrial company Shree Ganesh Forgings Limited.
Addressing TOI, NCP (Minority Department) National Secretary General Saleem Sarang said: “Since February this year, I have officially asked the planning body, MIDC, how and why over 26 large trees were completely razed on the grounds of Ganesh Forgings. which was then given to the Goodwill group to run their business. However, so far I haven’t gotten an explanation or a proper answer as to why the trees were killed or moved elsewhere. Some of these large trees were in the 3 meter protected outskirts of plot C-3 / C, they were still illegally removed. It is very harmful to the environment, but the authorities are less embarrassed.
Sarang added, “Today (Thursday) I personally met with Deputy Chief State Minister Ajit Pawar to complain about how green trees are brazenly killed without any fear of the law. , as in this Pawane plot. After researching this issue, I also learned that previously an FIR had been launched against unknown persons for killing a tree on the Goodwill Group property in Sector 17 of Vashi, where the iconic Apna Bazaar building once stood. If the MIDC still does not answer my questions, then I will be forced to move the Bombay District Court, for the sake of greenery and protection of our trees. city.”
When TOI contacted MIDC regional manager Satish Bagal about this tree issue, he said: “I will need to check the documents in the Ganesh Forgings plot file (now handed over to the Goodwill Group) to find out more. on the issue of trees.
RTI activist Anarjit Chouhan commented: “MIDC is the planning body for the industrial zone of Navi Mumbai. Therefore, they are responsible for the number of trees in all their plots. If someone has cut down trees or even transplanted them, the planning agency should take note and act according to environmental laws. If no action is taken against the culprits, then our green tree cover will continue to decline, which will be our downfall in our fight against air pollution. ”

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