The Governor of Nasarawa State, Engineer Abdullahi Sule, upon taking office on May 29, 2019, took drastic measures to attract investors to the state by proposing a model Nasarawa Economic Development Strategy (NEDS).

Governor Sule’s quest to make Nasarawa Nigeria’s investment frontier has yielded fruitful results as just three years in power, the state has secured over US$600 million. This was achieved through the serene environment provided by the outgoing Governor, especially his holistic effort to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property, as well as a crisis-free atmosphere for business to flourish.

The state capital of Nasarawa from May 11-13 was a hive of activity as it hosted world-class business leaders, as well as hordes of investors, at the inaugural summit on state investment. Hosting the summit was a clear manifestation of the commitment of the administration of engineer Abdullahi Sule to open up the state to investors, with a view to harnessing and unleashing the potentials of the state, especially in the agriculture and mining, sectors where the state has had a comparative advantage.

There is no denying that Engineer Sule is a gifted governor at introducing new land, having identified the state as a diamond in the rough. Engineer Sule, since the inception of his administration, has spared no effort, in his determination to create a conducive business environment for private investors to leverage the state’s abundant natural and human resources for a maximum economic benefits.

Despite the many administrative challenges facing the state, the Governor has continued to execute policies and programs aimed at moving Nasarawa State into the country’s new investment frontier by establishing a public-private partnership framework (PPP) that will facilitate private sector participation in a sustainable manner.

The Governor has provided all the enablers to ease the business through the creation of more super security camps in Kenyehu in Toto local government, the headquarters of Flour Mills of Nigeria, to top it off, the lives and properties of the investors are also secured, the current administration has also facilitated the completion of Ende Police Training College in Nasarawa Eggon and Doma Special Forces Command.

Other catalysts are the signing of the Certificate of Occupancy (COO) by the Governor with little or no extended caucuses. One of the investors, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Dangote Group of Companies, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, attested to this and praised Engineer Sule for speeding up the process of getting the certificate.

Dangote confirmed that Nasarawa State is safer to do business saying that in a short time he will establish a rice processing industry in the state. He adds that the 65,000 hectares of land acquired by his company in Tunga are in better hands.

One good thing about Engineer Sule is his unwavering courage to face the unknown and the uncharted path, with his vision focused on the expected outcome which will see Nasarawa State, the land of growth, development and prosperity. The governor has not given in to his mission, instead he has buckled his seat belt by taking deliberate steps to create the enabling environment that will attract investors to the state. Some of these measures include: the signing of the Nasarawa State Investment Development Agency Bill 2020 and the Nasarawa State Mortgage and Foreclosures Bill.

“Without these laws, it would be very difficult to be able to invite a lot of investors, who are serious about investing, as well as those who understand what investing is, who understand what it takes to solve all sorts of issues that come as a result of investment,” Engineer Sule said as he signed the documents some time ago.

Also, the law prohibiting kidnapping in the state has helped reduce the crime as well as other related crimes to some extent, making the state safe for investors and potential investors.

According to the governor, the Nasarawa State Investment Development Agency, NASIDA, will facilitate the establishment of a one-stop shop for all kinds of investments, where the government will help investors realize their vision.

“Once you are there, they will do the rounds for you. While you tell them what kind of investment it is, registering your business, understanding your taxes, what kind of benefits you will get, what kind of waivers you will be offered. What you need to acquire land, what it takes to get your documents, what it takes to get your C of O,” he said.

The Mortgages and Foreclosures Act, on the other hand, will promote liquidity.

“For housing, this will speed up the process of creating all the legal issues related to mortgages and the issue of quickly resolving all kinds of disputes that may arise.

Ibrahim Abdullahi, special adviser to the governor for investment and economic planning and currently managing director/CEO of NASIDA, said that industrialization or investment can only happen in a sustainable way through the creation of a framework legal and regulatory favorable and are in tandem with the mainstay of engineer Abdullahi Sule. as a government.

“It is Engineer Abdullahi Sule’s promise, enshrined in the Nasarawa Economic Development Strategy (NEDS), to create a private sector-led and competitive economy for our state.”

Hosting the Nasarawa Investment Summit serves as a platform to showcase credible and bankable investment opportunities that are market-ready for investor engagement.

NASIDA pointed out that Nasarawa State has shown great promise over the years in overcoming many hurdles as the state moves towards its vision of becoming Nigeria’s leading center for investment.

The deliberate effort to stimulate the economy of the state strengthens the productive capacities of the people and creates for them wealth and jobs. This is the basis of the Nasarawa Economic Development Strategy (NEDS) (2019-2023), which demonstrates the collective commitment to implement an achievable economic transformation strategy for the state, as promised during the campaign. . It is grounded in a vision to support the accelerated growth of Nasarawa’s private sector-led economy and translate this into a marked improvement in the lives of citizens and the achievement of other key development results.

The two-day investment summit will, by all indications, foster closer collaboration and partnership between the private sector and government in building a stronger business environment. The summit brought together participants from diverse backgrounds across the globe to hone ways to engage with government and business leaders to invest and do business in the state.

“The Nasarawa Investment Summit 2022 is a strategic matchmaking platform that has brought together stakeholders from across the Nigerian investment industry to facilitate partnerships and investment opportunities, as well as to enhance and strengthen participation private sector to good governance and policy making, especially as it involves the delivery of the Nasarawa Economic Development Strategy (NEDS. It will soon also provide an inclusive platform and methodology that promotes the involvement of all key stakeholders in the implementation of the NEDS and the identification of obstacles, impediments to investments in Nasarawa from the perspective of governments, investors, international financial institutions and companies.

Nasarawa Investment Summit 2022, serves as a vehicle to showcase, facilitate technology development and technology transfer in Nasarawa, attract investment from local and foreign investors to facilitate projects and programs that will unlock sustainable socio-economic development of Nasarawa, as well as the development of the form of partnerships with the public and private sectors to stimulate production and have an impact on development throughout the State.

Hosting the summit in Nasarawa State is a clear manifestation of the fearless spirit and determination of the administration of Engineer Abdullahi Sule to change the narrative and inspire supporters through exceptional leadership.