Opposition leader and Likud leader MK Benyamin Netanyahu speaks during a plenary session in the Knesset on Monday. (Olivier Fitoussi / Flash90)

At the request of 40 MPs, the Knesset held a debate on Monday entitled “Bennett-Abbas government resumes diplomatic process to divide the Land and establish a terrorist state in the heart of the Land of Israel”, with the participation of the Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

Following a debate in which representatives of the various parliamentary groups took the floor, Bennett stepped onto the podium and said: “I have been asked to answer… here is my answer: there is no negotiations on the establishment of a terrorist state in the heart of the country. “

The coalition boycotted a roll-call vote that took place following the debate on the prime minister’s statement. 52 MPs voted against the declaration, no MP voted in favor of the declaration, while five MPs abstained.

After Bennett’s speech, Opposition Leader MP Benyamin Netanyahu (Likud) stepped onto the podium and said: “The Bennett-Ra’am-Meretz government must disappear from the world for three reasons: First, its anti-social budget; second, its decision to accept Iranian nuclear power [program]; and third, his agreement to impose the Islamic Movement on the Arabs of Israel and the Negev.

“Bennett brags about Israel’s economic growth. He is one of the biggest credit thieves of modern times. He stole a book, he stole the Singapore map, he stole an election. Anyone who understands economics knows that economic growth is not something that is created out of thin air in four months. This is the result of an orderly policy that we pursued for four years, especially during the corona period. Do you remember the criticism of the subsidies we gave to citizens during the corona period? People were shouting, “You are ruining the economy of Israel. The opposite has happened. We saved the economy of Israel and we saved the citizens of Israel from an economic crisis. Without our actions, Israel’s economy would have collapsed.

“In May, even before the change of government, Israel was ranked for the first time in history among the top 20 economies in the world. It is a great success, thanks to our policy. Before the government changed, the Bank of Israel determined that we were growing the economy by 15.4%. It’s because of it [sharp increase] that we brought, and only because of that, that you can boast today of 7% growth as if you had done something. You did nothing.

“You say you brought a ‘social budget’. It’s not social. It is a budget that raises taxes and prices, harms the periphery and abuses the weakest sectors. I suggest you, Bennett – maybe you stop the towers already. You already know you won’t be here for long. So use the time to do something real, ”Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu also addressed the Iranian issue, saying: “Iran recognizes your weakness and rushes, trying to seize every opportunity, and unfortunately, in less than a month, Iran will resume talks with the powers on a return to the nuclear deal, a danger to Israel’s security. And all this without any disturbance, because what is this government doing? Lapid sticks to his commitment to “no surprises” politics, while Bennett remains silent or tweets here and there. When I was Prime Minister, we acted differently. Fight it; mobilize public opinion against this dangerous agreement; you do nothing. You bow your head like someone leading a protectorate.

“World leaders do not take Bennett seriously because they know he is a puppet prime minister who does not cross the electoral threshold. He is just a stone you walk on on your way to Lapid as Prime Minister. It is the dream of the left, ”Netanyahu said.

“You impose the Islamic Movement on the Arabs of Israel. The tens of billions that you have given to the Islamic Movement will come back to us like a boomerang. This money flows without any supervision, without any responsibility. We know where it will end. The citizens of Israel will pay the price for this shameful surrender to Ra’am for years to come.

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