Residents of mining areas have been reeling from the drinking water crisis at MCL’s Lakhanpur coal mine since September 15 due to the rupture of the main supply pipeline.

Adding to the residents’ woes, officials were unable to give a clear answer regarding a solution to the problem. Alternatively, the water is supplied by tanker trucks to the filtration plant. After filtration, the water will be supplied to single-family homes by pipeline, it is said. But, in this system, the water will be exhausted within two hours of operation of the pumps. The public therefore did not accept the proposal.

Pumps have to run for over 22 hours to deliver water to each house instead of just two hours. Due to the lack of water in the quarter line area, people go to the ponds to bathe. Outraged,

people have been buying mineral water from the market for four days because of the abundance of dirt and iron particles in the water supplied by the tankers.

Sources said the situation arose on September 15 due to a ruptured main water supply line at the OPGC plant. The pipe was not repaired until September 18, although he was told the repair will be completed within two days.

According to sources, in 1996 there were 800 dwellings in the township of Bandhbahal settlement. Arrangements were made to provide water at that time to one settlement village and 6-7 surrounding villages through the CSR program.

The supply system was made according to the requirements of the time. But now the situation has changed with 1,800 neighborhoods, five settlement villages with 40 outlying villages.

But, the water supply is now done according to the old infrastructure from 1996. “This should be changed according to the new requirements. In addition, due to the theft of water from the OPGC mainline to the Bandhbahal filtration plant, almost only 60% of the water arrives at the plant, ”some residents said.

They suggested that the plant be modified according to the revised requirements, increased water intake capacity and old pipes replaced. Meanwhile, MCL officials ensured to immediately fix the broken pipe and normalize the water supply as soon as possible.

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