For Jenny Hicks and the team at Vision Dance Studio, just a few months ago they weren’t sure if they would make it to 2021.

THOMASVILLE, NC – Like many small businesses across the country, 2020 has been a tough year for Jenny Hicks and Vision Dance Studio.

As 2020 approached, Jenny and the team intended to expand a relatively small operation. Once March hit, the coronavirus pandemic filled the air with uncertainty.

This expansion plan turned into thoughts of eventually having to close their doors for good.

According to Hicks, they were just days away from starting their expansion when “we had just rezoned this land from residential to commercial. It was two weeks into the pandemic, and we were denied our loan. “.

Without a loan and with increased restrictions on the number of people who could congregate in one space, Hicks and his team weren’t sure what the future held. “With very terrified hearts and not knowing how things would work out. We kept building, fundraising and doing our best. God cleared a way and here we are in our new building. It’s officially been a month .”

Vision Dance Studio has now grown from a 1200 square foot building to double that size.

Not only has their space increased, but according to Hicks, they’ve also gotten some pretty cool new features. “We also have spring-loaded floors. And our ceiling is really high. So in the world of cheerleaders, we’re able to do a lot more. When it comes to tumbling and throwing.”

The Vision Dance Studio team wants to make sure it’s understood that none of this would have been possible without the love, donations (money, labor and supplies) and support from their community.

“We couldn’t have done this without our community. They stepped up when we needed them most, and I thank everyone involved for that.”

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