WARNING: The following contains spoilers for SWORD # 6 of Al Ewing, Valerio Schiti, Marte Gracia and Ariana Maher of VC, as well as recent issues of Venom and Guardians of the Galaxy, on sale now.

For a few years in recent history, the X-Men have been relegated to the outskirts of the Marvel Universe. Since the rise of Krakoa, however, Marvel’s mutants have been brought back into the limelight. If recent events are any indication, it looks like the X-Men are again figuratively and literally the center of the universe.

Outside of the mainline of X-Men titles, Marvel Mutants have made some surprising guest appearances. In Venom # 35, by Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman, Kev Walker, Danilo S. Beyruth, Ron Lim, Guiu Vilanova, Gerardo Sandoval and Mark Bagley, Eddie Brock visited the Krakoa Quiet Council to ask for help.

Considering that Eddie also visited the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy at the same time, this moment puts Krakoa atop Marvel’s most important and powerful institutions. Additionally, Marvel’s Mutants played a big part in the recent Marvel Voices: Pride special, which featured a number of mutant characters in the foreground.

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Abagail brand declares Mars the Capitol of the solar system in SWORD # 6

Prominent mutants such as Iceman, Northstar, and Mystique were given significant stories in this special. On top of everything else, a new mutant named Somnus has been introduced. All of this demonstrates the vital role the X-Men have played in the wider Marvel Universe recently.

The X-Men have also become the center of the Marvel Universe in a more literal sense. Planet-Size X-Men # 1, by Gerry Duggan and Pepe Larraz, saw Omega-level mutants terraform Mars for mutants from Arakko, another mutant nation. More importantly, Mars has been claimed as the new capital of the solar system, literally making mutants the center of the universe.

SWORD # 6 developed this idea by making Storm, an X-Man veteran, the regent of Mars and representative of the solar system. Additionally, with the miraculous creation of Mysterium, the mutants provided the rest of the galaxy with a way to resolve their recent economic crisis.

Marvel’s mutants have essentially taken their newfound power on Earth to a cosmic level, becoming a force to be reckoned with throughout the Marvel Universe, as shown. guardians of the galaxy # 15, by Al Ewing and Juan Frigeri.

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In the issue, two of the Guardians discuss how the mutants have dealt with major intergalactic issues. The X-Men recently took control of Brood, ended Snarkwar, and saved the Shi’ar throne. Additionally, SWORD and the mutant cable are expected to play an important role in the upcoming “Last Annihilation” storyline. Looking at everything they’ve done, it looks like the Marvel Mutants have become a serious cosmic force in the Marvel Universe.

All of these recent events show how far the X-Men have come since the 2019 monumental House of X series, by Jonathan Hickman and Pepe Larraz. Mutants are now thriving on Earth and throughout the cosmos, thanks to all of their recent accomplishments. Since Krakoa’s formation, it appears that mutants have continued to advance in the world.

Within the Marvel Universe, there are certainly reservations about the latest mutantkind moves. Terraformer Mars, in particular, has received quite a few mixed reactions. Despite this controversy, there’s no denying that mutants play a bigger role than ever before in the Marvel Universe.

Marvel’s mutants have evolved to a place where they no longer desperately curl up for fear of humans. Instead, events like the Hellfire Gala show how far the X-Men have come. Going forward, it’s hard to imagine just how powerful Marvel mutants will become. For now, at least, it’s clear that the X-Men have probably become the biggest target in the Marvel Universe.

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