A rotating mass of winds resembling an elephant trunk swept through a pocket of West Medinipur on Wednesday.

The storm hit a few villages in the Narayangarh block, about 140 km from Kolkata, shortly after 12 p.m. The winds damaged trees and some houses. No human casualties have been reported.

Videos of the Mass of the Turning Winds have gone viral on social media. A Met official in Alipore, who saw the video, said the storm looked like a waterspout. “Accidental spills sometimes take place on the outskirts of a strong weather system. “

A depression over the Bay of Bengal entered inland from the Odisha coast a few days ago. After making landfall, it continued through Odisha and Chhattisgarh. The system triggered a wave of humidity in South Bengal and Odisha.

“A gutter is a tornado with a narrow, rope-shaped condensation funnel that forms as the thunderstorm continues to grow and there is no rotating updraft – the rotational motion originates near the ground.” , explains the website of the American organization National Oceanic. and atmospheric administration.

On June 10, a cylindrical wind column that appeared to connect dark clouds in the sky and the Hooghly Islands off the Sagar Islands in southern 24-Parganas triggered panic among local residents.

The Met office had called it a waterspout, a swirling column of air and water mist.

New system

New cyclonic circulation formed on Thursday in the east-central Bay of Bengal. “The system is positioned off the coast of Myanmar. It is not yet known if this will escalate, ”said a Met official.

If the system heads to the coast of Bengal, southern Bengal, including Calcutta, would be in the grip of a new wave of humidity from Sunday, he added.

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