750 more female cops: After a series of complaints about the absence of women in the city’s pink kiosks, the Lucknow Police Commissioner wrote to DGP headquarters asking for more women. After which it was decided that 750 more female constables would be placed in the Lucknow Police Department. This will improve law and order in the city, especially the safety of women, as it will encourage women to file complaints.
Road Safety: Lucknow Police, who joined the central government initiative to improve road safety measures and ensure the identification of “black spots” across the country by digitizing details of accident sites, will finally start using the iRAD mobile application developed by the National Informatics Center. It will give a 360 degree view of all aspects of accidents. Entries made in the application will be analyzed by experts from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH). This would help improve the conditions and safety of a particular road.
Police Stations: To strengthen the law and order situation, Lucknow Police Station will secure two more police stations in BBD and Sairpur. Both police stations have already been assigned to new SHOs by CP Lucknow. BBD Police Station will have half of the Chinhat, Gosaiganj and Gomtinagar Vistar areas under its jurisdiction, while Sairpur Police Station will cover half of the Madiaon area. This will share the burden of existing police stations with more cops for maintaining law and order.
KGMU: King George University of Medicine will establish a center for precision medicine for research into the targeted treatment of cancer patients. The emergency roadside assistance service for accidental cases in the 10 km outskirts, which was unable to take off this year, will start in 2022. The establishment of a PET and kidney transplant service is also underway. in the program. In addition, KGMU will receive a super specialized orthopedic center which will provide all kinds of bone health treatments under one roof. In addition, a laboratory for genetic testing for unborn babies and newborns, a skin bank and two separate departments for cardiovascular and thoracic surgery would be created next year.
RMLIMS: The institute will provide cheaper drugs to patients by creating hospital working capital. It will also open a neuroscience center for the treatment of all neurological problems under one roof and expand its emergency care wing to patients.
Cancer Institute: The Kalyan Singh Cancer Institute and Hospital in Chak Gajaria will add 250 additional beds and four additional operating theaters in January. This will ease the pressure on SGPGIMS and KGMU.
District Hospitals: Balrampur Hospital and Lokbandhu Hospital will strengthen their existing intensive care facilities by adding 30 and 37 additional ventilation beds, respectively. These services will start operating from January.
CIVIC amenities
LMC housing colony: Beneficiaries of housing settlements under construction by the Lucknow Municipal Corporation in Aurangabad Khalsa will finally be able to take possession of their apartments. The civic body will complete construction work on the long-standing project in 2022. The settlement consists of 684 apartments and 21 commercial units. The total cost of the project is Rs 194 crore.
Sewage Treatment Plant: Construction of a 120 MLD sewage treatment plant at Lucknow’s largest drain, the Ghiyasuddin Haider (GH) Canal, is expected to be completed in 2022. This will prevent untreated sewage. processed to flow directly into the Gomti River. Built as part of the Atal Rejuvenation Mission Urban Transformation (AMRUT), STP’s capacity is to process approximately 120 million liters per day.
Underground Parking: To solve traffic problems in the busy areas of Lalbagh, Hazratganj and Parivaratan Chowk, an underground parking lot near the district magistrate’s office of Mahatma Gandhi Marg will be established next year. To be built at a cost of Rs 80 crore by Lucknow Development Authority, the parking lot will have a capacity of 80 four and 150 two-wheelers.
Smart Roads: Around 80 roads will be converted to smart roads by the Uttar Pradesh Department of Public Works. These roads will cover a total road network of 235 km. The areas under which these stretches lie include Hazratganj, Lalbagh, Gomtinagar, Vikasnagar, Aliganj, Jankipuram and Jopling Road, among others. The project will include widening the road, laying underground electric and telephone cables and installing benches on sidewalks.
LU: Lucknow University will fill all vacant teaching posts. At present, 39% of the total workforce of 516 is vacant. The recruitments will not only improve teaching and research, but will also help the university achieve a good rating from the National Assessment and Accreditation Board. Its ranking in the National Institutional Ranking Framework could also improve as most of the parameters used for assessment require greater teacher participation. These appointments should also allow LU to more effectively implement the new curriculum of the National Education Policy 2020.


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