PUNE: The National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) has scheduled the national selection trials in Bhopal from March 8, but they are running out of ammunition.
The country’s top sports shooting body has a limited stock of ammunition which would be distributed to shooters on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. If ammo scarcity is worrisome, the reason for the scarcity is even more troubling.
The NRAI has been waiting for the renewal of its reseller license for almost three months.
The NRAI is the only body in the country that can import and sell ammunition to shooters, Sports Authority of India, many private academies and clubs as well as the Border Security Force sports unit and even the police from Delhi.
With no license, the NRAI has been unable to import ammunition and is left with a limited stock that will not last more than a week. The shooting body has posted a notice on its website asking shooters to acquire ammunition as it will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.
“Renewing the license is a routine process and we do it whenever it is due. However, this time, despite requesting and following up, we did not renew the license,” the Secretary General said. from the NRAI, Kanwar Sultan Singh, to YOU. .
“Normally, when the license is in progress, we get a provisional certificate which allows us to import the ammunition. But this time the authorities are not even ready to give us the provisional certificate,” he said.
The Office of the Joint Commissioner of Police, Licensing Unit, Delhi is the authority handling the process. Co-commissioner OP Mishra could not be connected despite several attempts.
Singh said he contacted Sports Secretary Sujata Chaturvedi as the NRAI is not receiving any response from the licensing authority.
“We have informed the Sports Secretary and she has expressed her concerns about this, but we have still not received any relief on the matter.”
Indian shooters will compete in the ISSF World Cups in March (Rifle, Rifle and Pistol). If the NRAI does not get the license or the provisional certificate to import ammunition, there is a good chance that the Indian shooters will not be able to train and participate in the World Cups.
“We have to choose teams for the Asian Games and World Cups. Soon there will be competitions offering Olympic quotas, how are we supposed to train our shooters without ammunition? It will be chaos,” said the general secretary. .